Move Over, AZ: What new drivers need to know about Arizona’s ‘move over’ law

AZ drivers, in particular, need to be familiar with state legislation like the “Move Over” law. This law was designed to protect those who serve the public and need roadway clearance to do so, like police officers, firefighters, and emergency workers. In 2011, the law was revised to also include tow truck drivers, work and maintenance crews, roadside assistance personnel, and stranded drivers.

What Does the “Move Over” Law Require?
Drivers must move over to create space (i.e., change lanes) — or slow down, if they are unable to move over — when they see a vehicle with flashing lights pulled over on any type of highway, freeway, street, or city road.

Are There Times When You Shouldn’t Move Over?
If at all possible, you should utilize proper lane change procedures to move over to the next lane. However, there are situations wherein this won’t be possible. As you’ll find yourself on one-lane roadways or will experience very congested traffic conditions. In cases like these, moving over would be either impossible or unsafe. Should this scenario come up, you should reduce your speed and proceed with caution, keeping a sharp eye out for any people or objects that could enter your lane.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Move Over?
If you have the ability to move over but fail to do so, you could face a hefty fine. Even though the law first took effect in 2005, it’s clear that many Arizona drivers either aren’t aware of the law or simply don’t care enough to follow it. However, if you’re fined, you could be forced to pay up to $650 for the offense.

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