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Long Distance Towing

We offer local towing services short or long distances. Anytime or anywhere you need us, we will generally arrive within 30 to 60 minutes. Our towing services are available throughout the entire Phoenix metropolitan area.

Zoto Towing is fully licensed, Department of Public Safety and Department of Transportation (DOT) certified and bonded for your safety and total protection.

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Cheap Towing in Phoenix, AZ

Local towing is far more common than long distance towing. Most tow companies consider any tow of a distance bellow 50 miles as a local tow but usually the distances are much shorter still.
The need for local towing arises when a vehicle cannot be independently driven. This may occur when it has developed crippling mechanical failure of some kind, has been involved in a road accident or there is some kind of licensing issue.

A typical characteristic of local towing is that the whole operation needs to be completed in minimal time. Most people who need a local distance tow are in some kind of unexpected jam, they want a reliable towing service which will solve the situation for them quickly, professionally and without taking advantage of their predicament in terms of excessive billing.

What You Want in Local Towing Company

If you find yourself in need of local towing you should consider several things allowing you to call in the tow company which will do the job best. You should know that an unprofessional tow can afflict further damage to your vehicle, insist upon licensed tow techs who have the necessary knowhow and experience to get the job done properly. Time is naturally of the essence. Opt for a tow company on whose word you can count, in such cases if you are promised that a tow truck can be there quickly.
A short ETA is only one part, efficient handling and expert driving mean that the overall time you lose is minimized. It is a good idea to have local towing done by a local tow company such as Zoto Towing!

Why Choose Us?

Zoto Towing is dedicated to providing the most professional towing service in and around Phoenix.

We are reliable, quick, honest and professional.
Our towing techs are all highly skilled, service oriented, licensed and professional. We offer 24/7 service, our large fleet assures minimal ETA’s. Our honest billing policy ensures you will always charge reasonably, call us for a free quote! (602)975-2869

The Towing Services We Offer Include:

  • Light Duty Towing

  • Auto Towing

  • Emergency Towing

  • Local Towing

  • Long Distance Towing

  • Luxury Vehicle Towing

  • Wrecker Towing

  • Accident Removal Services

  • Towing with Dolly

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