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Flatbed Tow Truck

Flat bed towing is the most secure way to properly transport all types of vehicle in all types of conditions. Allow ZOTO Towing to securely and safely transport your vehicle to its destination.

Zoto Towing is fully licensed, Department of Public Safety and Department of Transportation (DOT) certified and bonded for your safety and total protection.

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Flatbed Towing in Phoenix, AZ

When you are considering flatbed towing versus dolly towing, a flatbed is definitely the preferred option in certain situations. Your car may require a tow for many reasons, such as an accident or a breakdown, but you do not want the vehicle to sustain any more damage — you want a safe delivery to your intended destination.

Flatbed Tow Truck in Phoenix, AZ

Following are multiple scenarios in which the security of flatbed towing is a better investment for the safety of your vehicle and for your peace of mind

Heavy or Low Vehicles

Tow dollies have certain weight limits that do not accommodate every vehicle. Some dolly systems cannot tow heavy trucks or SUVs. A qualified towing company will ask about your vehicle’s gross weight and then find a heavyduty rig able to adequately support the towed vehicle throughout transport.

Also, vehicles with a lowered undercarriage are susceptible to damage if transported on a tow dolly. When the towing vehicle hits a bump, your bumpers or exhaust pipe may hit the road and dent or crack.

All-Wheel Drive Vehicles
Tow dollies are best used with cars that have front-wheel drive transmissions. When the car is towed by the front tires, the back tires roll on the pavement. All-wheel drive vehicles are different. If they are towed by the front wheels only, it may cause serious damage to the transmission. Even if the drive train can be disengaged, flatbed towing is a safer option.

Long-Distance Towing
When cars must be towed long distances, flatbeds are a safer, more secure option. The car will undergo much less wear and tear, since it is lifted off the road entirely and firmly strapped to the tow truck’s bed.

Totaled or Junk Car
When you need towing after a car accident, flatbed towing is the better choice. Cars that have damage to their front axles cannot be towed by a dolly system. Old, rusted junk cars are better off towed by a flatbed as well.

Expensive Classic Cars
Your vintage vehicle is a major source of pride, and it is also a major investment. When it must be transported, do not take the risk of towing by a tow dolly. Your classic car will be kept from any contact with the road and has a much lower chance of body damage when tied down to a flatbed.

For expert flatbed towing, call Zoto Towing. We provide professional service focused on quality vehicle transportation. We know what type of equipment to use in all kinds of scenarios so that your vehicle is transported as safely as possible, whether you need a tow dolly, flatbed or other towing method.

What You Want in Local Towing Company

If you find yourself in need of local towing you should consider several things allowing you to call in the tow company which will do the job best. You should know that an unprofessional tow can afflict further damage to your vehicle, insist upon licensed tow techs who have the necessary knowhow and experience to get the job done properly. Time is naturally of the essence. Opt for a tow company on whose word you can count, in such cases if you are promised that a tow truck can be there quickly.
A short ETA is only one part, efficient handling and expert driving mean that the overall time you lose is minimized. It is a good idea to have local towing done by a local tow company such as Zoto Towing!

Why Choose Us?

Zoto Towing is dedicated to providing the most professional towing service in and around Phoenix.

We are reliable, quick, honest and professional.
Our towing techs are all highly skilled, service oriented, licensed and professional. We offer 24/7 service, our large fleet assures minimal ETA’s. Our honest billing policy ensures you will always charge reasonably, call us for a free quote! (602)975-2869

The Towing Services We Offer Include:

  • Light Duty Towing

  • Auto Towing

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  • Local Towing

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  • Luxury Vehicle Towing

  • Wrecker Towing

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